[v84] Events for the Legendary

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[v84] Events for the Legendary

Post  Nirgilis on Tue Dec 04, 2012 12:26 am

Legendary Events for the Legends!
05 Dec, 2012 – 15 Jan, 2013

1. Go Legends Go!

Requirements: Demon Slayer, Cannoneer or Mercedes - Lv. 10 or higher.
- Accept the quest through the Event Notifier.
- The character is given a buff.
Cannoneer: +2 Speed, +1 Jump,
Mercedes: +100 max HP,
Demonslayer: +2 Demon Fury
All Legends: +10 ATT at Lv. 10, +1 every 5 levels after.

2. Legends Forever

Requirements: New or existing Legend Characters (Cannoneer, Mercedes, and Demon Slayer)
- Reward will be given when your character advances to 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Job.
- Accept the quest through the Event Notifier.
- Reward will only be available immediately after each Job Advancement.
- For example, if you do not accept the quest after 2nd Job and advances to 3rd Job, you will not be eligible to receive the 2nd Job Advancement rewards.
- 2nd Job Advancement: 5 x Maple Anniversary Coins (Untradeable)
- 3rd Job Advancement: 10 x Maple Anniversary Coins (Untradeable)
- 4th Job Advancement: 15 x Maple Anniversary Coins (Untradeable) + 1 type of 4th Special Mastery Book (Expires in 30 days)

3. Legends Equipment Box

Requirements: Mercedes, Cannoneer or Demon Slayer - Lv. 10 to 70.
- Accept the quests through the event notifier on the left side of the game window.
- This quest can be repeated every time you go up 5 levels from Level 10 to 40, and every 10 levels from Level 40 to 70. You will receive a reward based on your level.
- You cannot receive the reward for a lower level after you level up, so make sure to collect your rewards while you can! For example, you cannot collect the Lv. 20 reward once you reach Lv. 21.
Equipment Box: Filled with untradeable equips for the Legends character, appropriate to the level at which the box was collected.

4. Always with the Teleport Rocks!

Requirements: Mercedes, Cannoneer or Demon Slayer, Lv. 30.
- The player receives a Legends Space Rock.
- The Rock lasts for 24 hours.
- The Event can be completed once a day.
- The Rock can only be used once every 30 minutes.
- The Rock only teleports players to a Major Town.
- The Rock is untradeable.

5. The Legend Event Returns

Requirement: Only new Mercedes, Cannoneer or Demon Slayer, Lv. 30+
- The player is given a Legendary Ring.
Legendary Ring: REQ LEV 30, STR +1, DEX +1, INT +1, LUK +1, MaxHP/MP +20, Weapon Att/Matt +1, Weapon/Magic DEF +10.
- Item is untradeable and cannot be equipped with previous versions of the Legendary Ring

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