Daily Reward Event: Maple Surprise!

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Daily Reward Event: Maple Surprise!

Post  Nirgilis on Mon Dec 03, 2012 11:38 pm

Surprise Surprise, Maplers!

7 Nov - 5 Dec, 2012

MapleStory Europe's Daily Reward Event, Maple Surprise, is back and the everyday rewards have been upgraded!

This time, we have brought in more valuable items that may put a smile on your face each day throughout the event period. Unfortunately, we cannot tell you what items are in store for you simply because... it's a surprise!

And the only way to find out and uncover all of the question marks up in the enigmatic calendar is to login and enter Maple World.

So are you ready for a surprise Maplers? Then check your Cash Shop Inventory now, since the surprise party has already begun.

*Note: All Daily Gifts must be used before the midnight of each day. Otherwise, items will disappear the next day.

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