Application Maupau! (Introduction)

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Application Maupau! (Introduction)

Post  Guest on Mon Dec 19, 2011 6:16 pm

Hai, iz called Maurice.
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Country: Sweden
A little about my self;
When I studied my majors were economics and law.
Now a days I work at a company called Eon , I'm one of 5 bosses in Stockholm (Sweden).
I work A LOT but that doesn't keep me from enjoying life!
I'm a very outgoing guy, I like to travel to exotic places, play sports and hang with ma mates. I used to train Martial arts about 12 times a week. Yep I'm a sports addict. I'm also a mega Maple addict, been playing since beta got out x).(on and off since then)
I'm 19 years old body wise but i mentally i can be 10 years old and other times i can be a old geezer.
One of my most attractive qualities must be my uber good memory, i can forget what i did 1 hour ago. (Probably because of my martial arts contests etc.)

Maplestory Related;
Main character, yet to be made x) As most of u know.
Levels are about 5-80 , working on 3 80's !
Other chars are also yet to be made.

Previous guilds; The 2 that i remember, Aeon - Strike (i think it was called that O_o)
Why Vortex... Good question indeed. It might be because i want a guild where i can be my self and feel 'home-ish' like. Which is exactly the feeling i have about Vortex.

Which guild members do you know ?
Well I'm in the guild so i know most of y'all!

How many hours do you play every week/day?
Depends if I'm working or not! But at working days it can go from 1-5H and when I'm off it can be all from 3-24 H straight if not more! ( I did mention i was a addict.)

I thought I'd send this mostly because I'm fairly new and cause i feel its the only right thing to do as others have applied through here. =) (Also because I've been up for 2 or 3 days now and I'm a little bored :o.)
*Things that I can do for the guild are;
Pretty much anything, I love to help my teammates and one of my biggest loves are BOSSING<3.
As soon as my main 'Night lord' is done i will be harassing peeps for boss runs!

What else is there to tell. If anything do ask in guild!


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Re: Application Maupau! (Introduction)

Post  Devote on Tue Dec 20, 2011 5:25 am

I don't see any reason for an application since you've been in Vortex for a while. But it's a nice introduction thread. Smile

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