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Post  kirlikedi on Wed Apr 10, 2013 11:26 pm

Hi all! I am Cansu,20,and born&living in Turkey,female(i guess i should add this too :P). I have been gaming for a quite a lot of time now,for like eight years,was playing WoW back then but had to quit because studying at university-civil engineering and it is really hard-social life and that didn't go well together :)

Other than games,i love sports,and now the weather is nice,i go jogging,play volleyball every now and then:). I am in Tae-kwon-do team of my school.I am planning on taking dance courses next term,now i feel like i can shake a leg or two,i feel fit for it :P I love shopping(any girl loves shopping i guess :D),films,and well keep it a secret,korean dramas -.- I don't even know why,but i am somehow ashamed to watch them :)

I have been playing Maple for a month or so now,had to try ALL classes for one to fit,now decided to play Mercedes and Kaiser(Mercedes:53,Kaiser:46 or something).I like Phantom as well,but male character is much prettier than the female one,and i want to dress him like a female so (yeah first world problems lol :D ) I like Maple because my classes are hard,social life is intense and Maple has been the only way for to escape from real life so far.(that,and drinking :P)

The reason why i want to join is that,i feel really alone in the game. I love socializing and getting to know people, and it would really motivate me to level up,because i really want to level my chars,especially my Mercedes.

Hmm...what i can bring to the guild...Honestly not my wide knowledge of the game :P But i am online almost everyday and i love to chat,i love fun,and i really like people and socializing in general. You would not see me silent for any moment i am online :D

Previous guilds...well i had none so far.

My goals in this game? Well first i would like to take that Balrog down,and second i would like to manage to do that Azwan thing. And i would like to get strong enough to kill monsters in Leafre,and i would like to see all Edelstein(see if black mage is there,i guess not :( ). Basically i want to level till 200 or so(and fast),then i will see.

Thanks for reading :)




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Re: Application-kirlikedi

Post  cizup on Thu Apr 11, 2013 12:14 am

Hi there, you have a cool name! :3
If you are active and chatty you can give so much to this guild ^^
So which class is your main now? I say yes but gotta say that these apps are checked pretty slowly or how would I say that. Try to be patient with us Silly

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