Forum Rules.

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Forum Rules.

Post  Nirgilis on Sun Oct 09, 2011 9:17 am

To keep the forum organized and clean, here are a few rules you have to remember.

- Basisrules of naturally count for this forum.

1. Use your IGN of Maplestory as your forum name.

2. No cursing and no swearing directed to other forum visitors, no harassing of other forum visitors.

3. No discrimination (ethnic/racial, sexual interest, etc) of other forum visitors. Have respect for our shared humanity.

4. No mature content, or other offensive content of ány kind uploaded in gallery or posts.

5. No spamming of posts and topics.

6. Make sure to place topics in the right section.

7. Always make sure to credit other people's work, when you are using it.

8. Don't share your information [passwords].

9. Last but not least, enjoy the forum!

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