kMS Knight of Cygnus Revamp

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kMS Knight of Cygnus Revamp

Post  Darnel on Sun Jan 27, 2013 8:12 pm

So one by one the KoCs are getting completely revamped in kms. New skills and a lvl cap of 200. We can expect this to get here at some point too. I just hope all these changes too often doesnt make the original adventurers useless. I believe they will be called the instructor classes. Nexon has gone from never-changing-anything mode to -we-need-to-change-something-every-month. Which isnt always good. Things like this should be balanced. I also hope nexon can make the new classes differ from each other, all of these new classes are just either
a) Revamps of old classes
b) Classes with new style, but still having the same skills than old classes. Just with new skins on the skills.
c) Tries to be unique, but failed at it and just turned into a powerhouse with skills that kill everything on the map in a matter of seconds. All of the skills being re-skins of course. These classes just make old classes worthless at least until nerf.

Orangemushroom wrote:Now the more exciting part! The newly released patch on January 31 is titled Cygnus Returns, and brings with it a complete reorganization for the Knights of Cygnus!

The Black Mage’s commander, Damien, attacked Ereb and killed Shinsoo. Cygnus awakened in order to revive her! (She succeeded) Although incomplete, Cygnus’ awakening will give the Knights of Cygnus a newfound power!

On January 31, the Striker job (Thunder Breaker in GMS) will receive a complete transformation! They will be able to reach level 200, their job advancement levels will be changed, and the ultimate pirate will be born! Strikers will receive all new skills, summon the God of the Sea to split the ocean! Hyper Skills as well, of course.

It seems that each Knight of Cygnus job will be reorganized in different updates. In February, the Wind Breaker (Wind Archer) will be newly reborn! I wonder what they can do with the Soul Master, considering they already have Mikhail…

On this date, there will also be a system reorganization! The meso limit will be increased, and world merges are coming as well.

This also raises two questions questions:
What about dawn warriors and mihile regarding to this update?
Whats going to be the fate of the adventurers? Death?

Source: I would have posted one for you but this forum seems to have a rather clever way of not letting people to post links for their first 7 days. Even though it is against spamming, I find it kind of useless as it just makes life annoying more than it actually helps.

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