Guild - List of names.

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Guild - List of names.

Post  Nirgilis on Fri Jan 25, 2013 10:32 pm

By popular demand, a name list!

From A - Z.

Based on forum registered name. IGN comes after. Just one name, however, when those are the same.

19h11 - lukiesheaii: Sjors

2HSwag - MrSjaakie: Stan

Albelnox91 - Rinrin3: Kurt

AngeloPT - Attollo: Angelo

BrightEyess: Kelly

Chazz_Emokitty - Volkun: Chazz

DancingPig - BakaKaOmae: Tom

DannyDuck - BadBusiness: Dan

Darnel - Darne: Johannes

Devote: Jesper

DragonHybrid: Steven

Ebikko - Lyvh: Evelina

Eelkku - Elqw: Elias

Eldiuz1 - ErikLicious/LuMMix: Erik

EoinJAG: Eoin

Ethug: Daan

Flugtsnabel - SiicedBread: Simon

Heiked: Bruno

Jeycob - Rizzon: Jacob

LaRoche: Sergei

Nirgilis - Beaming: Emilie

Ostensibly: Adam

Shinisou - iTzPhannie: Ivan

SirWasd - Hanagor: Antonio

Vaporise - EviserateX: Kyle

Velux: Harm

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