New Xenon class (KMST)

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New Xenon class (KMST)

Post  Jeycob on Mon Dec 17, 2012 11:47 pm

The new Resistance job, Xenon, has been added! Xenon is super unique as it is the first hybrid job, being both a thief and a pirate! It is the same as the Automata class we knew about earlier, and has basically the same skills. Read on for more information!

Xenon uses the Energy Sword as his main weapon and the Controller as his secondary weapon. He also uses a Hybrid Heart as a power source (this is similar to the Emblem of the Nova classes). He is a hybrid of the thief and pirate classes, and can therefore wear either equipment.

When creating Xenon, you can choose between the Xenon type or the Su type (for males) and Orca type (for females). I’m not too sure why you can do this (maybe Xenon was designed after one of these characters?).

In terms of storyline, Xenon was created by the evil scientist Gelimer to become the perfect weapon. However, Xenon escaped and joined the Resistance, in order to retrieve the memories that were taken from him.

This girl, Beryl, appears a lot as a boss. This is the same one from the diary entry a couple of weeks ago! I think my prediction of them being reluctant enemies was correct.

Xenon is very unique with his skill systems. First off, he uses not one, not two, but three different stats! Xenon gains bonuses from having STR, DEX, and LUK, so having equipment that gives all stats would probably be most useful.

He also uses the Surplus Supply system. He collects Surplus Energy over time which can then be used to activate certain abilities.

Finally, the Multi Mode Linker allows Xenon to change his skill types to fit different situations! This applies to a few skills, each of which have 3 different modes.

Read more in Link bellow.

So what are you guys thoughts about this?

all credits go to Orangemushroom.


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Re: New Xenon class (KMST)

Post  Nirgilis on Sun Dec 23, 2012 7:35 am

Hmm.. Kind of reminds me of Matrix for some reason.

But yeah, three stats? A bit over the top. Is going to be less expensive to cube stuff maybe, since you can profit of three different stats. :P

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