[event] Double Miracle Cube Time

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[event] Double Miracle Cube Time

Post  Nirgilis on Fri Dec 14, 2012 2:16 am

Double Miracle Time
Saturday, 15 Dec, 2012 (1 Day)
15:00 – 17:00 CET (2 Hours)

01. How can you know when is the Double Miracle Time?

- Check top of the screen and Double Miracle Time notifier at the left side of screen.
- You will be able to see Miracle Cube icons during Double Miracle Time.
- During the time, you’ll have a 2x rate of increasing your potential’s rank through Miracle Cubes!

Especially handy for those who want to cube items to legendary.

02. Which Cubes will be affected?

- All Miracle Cubes that have been previously introduced in MapleStory Europe:

03. Double Miracle Time’s Blessings!

a) Blessing One (Applies for all): 2 times the chance of raising potential using Miracle Cubes.
b) Blessing Two (Applies only to some users): Some of the luckiest users will be granted with Double Miracle Time Blessings.
- When a user with Double Miracle Time blessing uses a Miracle Cube, the item’s potential will increase from rare to unique rank at once!
- Double Miracle Time Blessing: You have the Double Miracle Time blessing! Everyone in the map receives Weapon Attack +30 and Magic Attack +30 for 15 minutes.

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