[Notice] Regarding "1.5 Million Euros For You" Event

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[Notice] Regarding "1.5 Million Euros For You" Event

Post  Nirgilis on Wed Dec 12, 2012 9:27 pm

Dear Nexonians,

As you all know, we are currently holding the “1.5 Million Euro For You” event.

In our main announcement about the event we have stated that you get additional bonus Nexon Cash as a reward. It seems as if there has been a miscommunication, because at any time when we are distributing “free Nexon Cash” it will always be as “Nexon Cash - prepaid”. The reason for this is for technical and safety matters on both sides – the customer and the company.

We have now added an additional notice to the event announcement itself. We apologize that we did not point out this fact more clearly and thank you all for your understanding

- Nexon Europe

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