[v84 Update Notes] Nett's Pyramid Revamp

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[v84 Update Notes] Nett's Pyramid Revamp

Post  Nirgilis on Tue Dec 04, 2012 1:40 am

5th of December - Nett's Pyramid Updates

01. Nett's Pyramid: Basic Information

- Receive <In Search of the Long Lost Pyramid> quest from NPC Byron.
- Players can reach Nett’s Pyramid through the Dimensional Door or by talking to NPC Duarte.
- Solo play has been removed.
- The mode has been optimized for a 4 person party play.
- Players between lv. 60 and lv. 89 can participate up to 5 times a day.
- A new Hard Mode has been added for players between lv. 100 and lv. 119.
- Check remaining number of entrances with NPC Duarte or Dimensional Mirror.

02. Nett's Pyramid: Dungeon Progression.

- Defeat the endless waves of mummies on each stage.
- When you enter, you’ll see 4 platforms with portals on the right side where the monsters will spawn.
- The new objective of Nett’s Pyramid is to protect the Obelisk which is stationed on the left side.

- The new UI for Nett’s Pyramid. WAVE is the stage number, LIFE is the Obelisk’s remaining life, and POINTs are earned by defeating monsters.
- You can use your POINTs to buy different types of Eyes from NPC Duarte:
Anubis’ Eye (500 Points): increase attack and magic attack by 40.
Horus’ Eye (700 Points): inflict Slow on the entire map, 30% chance on the Yeti Pharaoh and Pharaoh Mummy
Isis’ Eye (500 Points): inflict 5 second DoT damage on the entire map, 30% chance on the Yeti Pharaoh and Pharaoh Mummy
Osiris’ Eye (500 Points): inflict 1 second Stun on the entire map, 30% chance on the Yeti Pharaoh and Pharaoh Mummy
Ra’s Eye (2000 Points): instantly kill the 20 monsters closest to the Obelisk, 30% chance to reduce the Yeti Pharaoh and Pharaoh Mummy’s HP by 10%.

03. Nett's Pyramid: Reward

- As you complete each stage you will receive a certain amount of Nett’s Emeralds that can be exchanged for powerful Immortal Pharaoh Set items.
- The more stages you clear, the more EXP you will receive.
- When you clear the final stage with full life, you will receive additional EXP.
- Two time-bound Immortal equipment pieces were added, creating a set with the existing Immortal Pharaoh Belt.
Immortal Pharaoh’s Belt (200 Nett’s Emeralds, Lv.80): Weapon/Magic DEF +55, ATT+ 1, Magic ATT +2, Available Upgrades: 3, can be traded once with the use of the Scissors of Karma.
Immortal Pharaoh’s Shoes (250 Nett’s Emeralds, Lv.80): STR/DEX/INT/LUK +2, Weapon/Magic DEF +50, Speed/JUMP +5, Available Upgrades: 5, Number of Hammer Applied: 0
Immortal Pharaoh’s Ring (300 Nett’s Emeralds, Lv.80): STR/DEX/INT/LUK +2, Max HP/MP +100

The set effects are as follows:
- Equip 2: All Stats +3, Accuracy +120, Avoidability +120
- Equip 3: All Stats +5, Weapon/Magic ATT +5, Weapon/Magic DEF +200

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