[v84 Update Notes] PVP & Monster Park changes!

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[v84 Update Notes] PVP & Monster Park changes!

Post  Nirgilis on Tue Dec 04, 2012 1:23 am

Tempest Update: Battle Square & Monster Park
Contents Update Date: 05 Dec, 2012

I. Battle Square Changes

01. Battle Square: Grand Battle
Battle Square is open again, and a new battle mode has been added: Grand Battle!

Min. level requirement: 70 (Evans after 6th job advancement)
- Cygnus Knights (Mihile excluded) cannot enter.
- Enter Battle Square through the dimensional mirror located in most towns.
- Grand Battle is open from 1 PM - 1 AM Pacific time every day.

a) Battlefield Changes

- Talk to NPC Crawson to join a battlefield.
- Each battlefield has a max capacity of six players.
- There are Lv. 70-119 battlefields and Lv. 120-200 battlefields - you will be automatically moved to the correct one.
- Player health and DEF have been adjusted in the matches to provide a fair environment.
- Most skills can be used in the battlefield.
- USE and ETC items cannot be used. However, Gallant Potions do spawn in the battlefield to allow MP recovery.
- If an opponent kills you, they will be marked with a red target.
- Players with high win rates are marked with stars.
- When you die, you are revived at one of the four revive locations at random.
- Players start out in a Medium difficulty range and can move up to Advanced and Superior with better win rates.
- You will be automatically moved to a battlefield with an appropriate difficulty level.
- There is no time limit on battlefields. When you're done battling, you can simply click the ROOM OUT button.

b) Rewards
- You receive EXP for defeating other players, but the amount of EXP depends on character level and participation time.
- Battlefields with a harder difficulty give an 1.5x or 2x EXP bonus.
- Spending time in the battlefield increases your Gallant Gauge.
- If you do not participate in battle, your Gallant Gauge decreases.
- Fill up the Gauge in battle and exchange the points with the Gallant Emblem Exchange NPC that can be found in Battle Square to receive Gallant Emblems.
- You must claim your Gallant Emblems from the Exchange before midnight Pacific each day, or they will be reset.
- Cumulative win records and consecutive kills will also be reset at midnight Pacific.
- Trade your Gallant Emblems in to NPC Larson for various items.
- Lv. 130 Bloody equipment sets have been replaced with improved Grand equipment sets in Larson's shop.

02. Battle Square: Additional Changes

- A Battle Pouch will be given once a day after acquiring 4 Gallant Emblems.
- A Battle Mode Blessing Potion will be given for each Gallant Emblem earned.
- Battle Mode Blessing Potion: Increases EXP gained upon use, which is scaled to level. Cannot be used below level 10. Untradeable.

New Battle Mode: Gladiator
Requirement: Lv. 160 or above.
- Accept the quest through the event notifier on the left of the game window.
- Build up Gallant Gauge in Gladiator Mode to receive Gallant Emblem and Gladiator Pouch as rewards.
- Chance to obtain 2 new titles from Gladiator Pouch.


- Are You Not Amused?: STR/DEX/INT/LUK +3, ATT/M.ATT +2, untradeable.
- Battlefield Conqueror: ATT/M.ATT +3, Enemy DEF ignored 5%, untradeable.

II. Monster Park Revamp

- The monsters in the park have had their HP reduced, but the number of monsters per stage has increased.
- Special monsters with a chance to drop Epic hidden potential or higher items will now appear.
- After hunting the special monsters and using the last portal, you might move to the new mysterious treasure vault, where you'll be given a Box of Greed that will give you various items every time you attack an enemy that appears for a minute in the vault.
- The drop rate has been doubled for Monster Park entrance ticket pieces.

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