[Capsule Toy Update] Double Chance!

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[Capsule Toy Update] Double Chance!

Post  Nirgilis on Tue Dec 04, 2012 1:19 am

Capsule Toy Update: Double Chance!!
7 November ~ Until Next Capsule Toy Update

Hello Maplers!

Commemorative Capsule Toys from previous updates have gathered and the chance of acquiring them has been doubled!!

So if you have been missing out on the recently updated Capsule Toys, try your luck at the Capsule Toy Machine today for a surprise!! The Double Chance event will be continued until the next Capsule Toy Update.

Until then... see you later Maplers!

*The chance of obtaining following Capsule Toys has been doubled:

Throne of Darkness: Evil Coco Chair
Gold Heart
Princessoid Coupon
Miracle Scrolls
- Miracle Scroll for Hand Cannon for ATT
- Miracle Scroll for Dual-Bowguns for ATT
Giant Yeti
Giant Pepe
Pimp Chair

For images: Click this link to go to the original message by Maplestory EU.

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