[v84] Grand Battle Opening Event (PVP Revamp)

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[v84] Grand Battle Opening Event (PVP Revamp)

Post  Nirgilis on Tue Dec 04, 2012 12:56 am

Grand Battle Opening Event
05 Dec, 2012 – 15 Jan, 2013

Battle Square is open again, and a new battle mode has been added: Grand Battle!

01. The Taste of Victory

Requirements: Lv.70 and above for characters who can enter Battle Square.
- Cannot be repeated
- Accept the quest through the event notifier on the left side of the game window.
- The Reward will be delivered when you earn your first victory.
Reward: 3 Gallant Emblems
Note: Quest reward must be accepted within the day. If not, you will be required to re-do the quest the next day.

02. Challenge for the Highest Kill/Death Ratio: Maximum Win

Requirements: Character must have completed the quest from The Taste of Victory event.
- Can be repeated once per day.
- After completing 10 battles, click on the event notifier to accept the Maximum Win quest.
Reward: Different rewards can be received according to the daily kill/death ratio.
Win Rate 0 % - 19%: Gallant Potion Gallant Potion x 5
Win Rate 20 % - 39%: Extra Gallant Potion Extra Gallant Potion x 3
Win Rate 40 % - 54%: Extra Gallant Potion x 5
Win Rate 55 % - 64%: Mega Gallant Potion x 3 + Gallant Emblem Gallant Emblem x 1
Win Rate 65 % - 100%: First Rank Weapon Scroll 20% (Choose 1), Mega Gallant Potion x 5 + Gallant Emblem x 1

Note: If your win rate is over 65%, you could choose to receive one of the First Rank Weapon Scrolls (20%).

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