Guild Rules.

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Guild Rules.

Post  Nirgilis on Sun Oct 09, 2011 6:33 am

Basisrules upon joining the guild.
These rules apply to all of the Sphere Alliance guilds.

1. No hacking or scamming in and out of game.

2. No kill stealing other players.

3. No merchanting off guildies.
Only fair prices, unless they give some guild/friend discount themselves.

4. Swears and curses directed to other members is not allowed and will result in an immediate kick.
No bullying of any kind.

5. No account sharing.

7. Be respectful to your fellow guildies and help each other out if needed.

6. No causing of drama or fights.
Go play outside and sort it out there.
With serious problems, contact leader or jr masters.

7. Long inactivity without notice is kick.

8. No spamming in the guild chats.
Talk in FULL sentences.
Also no "S/B>ItemInQuestion".
Don't ask questions over and over.

9. For new members there is a 16 year age limit to join the guild.

Following these rules should go without any effort.

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